Tennis is fun

Who doesn’t want to be the next ‘Rafael Nadal’ or ‘Roger Federer’? Well, we’re some more hours of practice away, but who knows…there may just as well be the next super successful tennis player among us 🙂

Generations mingle: Doors Open Day Festival at Zadobrova Primary School

Zadobrova Primary School hosted a unique festival of creativity, sports and ecology. We invited students, students’ families, teachers and other members of local community to participate in various workshops and sports competitions. The themes were healthy lifestyle, sport, healthy food, ecology, sustainability, recycling and food self-supply. We planted fruit, vegetable and spices saplings, arranged flowerbeds and a vegetable garden, used waste materials to create useful recycled articles like photo frames, board games, bookmarks etc., and with a little help from parents and teachers, we made carrot and apple cider and a lot of various healthy snacks. Some parents, members of community, teachers and students took part in basketball, volleyball and football matches, some opted for yoga workshop while others enjoyed the sun at an outdoors fair where one could sample healthy food, excellent carrot cider and buy recycled products made in creative workshops. It was great fun, and hopefully, there will be more such events at our school in the future.


Pot ob žici – March along barbed wire

Our school took part in an event called Pot ob žici (March along barbed wire). It is an annual three day event in May when the Municipality of Ljubljana celebrates the Day of Peace, and the day when we celebrate the Europe day. The event is celebrated by walking (running or cycling) the route around Ljubljana, a distance of about 35 kilometres, in memory of the liberation of Ljubljana during the second world war as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle. We walked some of the route on Friday. We started at Kontrolna točka Rudnik and from there we walked across Golovec hill back to the school. Younger students took a shorter route. The weather was perfect and we had lots of fun. On top of it, we practised a way of being active in order to stay fit and healthy. See you next year!


Mountain hiking for young adventurers, a guide

We are happy to announce that one of our main project outcomes has seen light. We have compiled a guide on mountain routes that are easily accessible, diverse, require moderate fitness and can be enjoyed on a school trip, family outing or sports camp. We have hiked them, enjoyed the views, had lots of fun, and we collected them in a form of a guide of recommendations in order to stimulate ideas for future trips to the mountains,  encourage spending time outdoors in our beautiful nature, support the idea of an active lifestyle and to promote healthy habits.

You can find it here:

Enjoy and see you in the mountains!

Sport for health: Zadobrova Primary school football match

It was a sunny Monday afternoon when Zadobrova Primary School students challenged teachers on the football pitch. There were many spectators, some cheering for students, others supporting the teachers. Everyone had lots of fun and we promoted playing sports, fair play and shared values. Who won?? Everyone won, of course 🙂

EU Olympics in the Spanish media

The transnational meeting of the Spanish, Slovene, Portuguese and Bulgarian Erasmus students draw the attention of the Spanish media and got some TV coverage and a published newspaper article.

Check it out here: